Robots Takeover?

Robots takeover?!

Robots takeover? People are afraid they’re losing their job to a robot!

Losing your job to a robot.

While robots are here to help make our lives easier and we’re grateful for that. Robots may be starting to get a little too helpful. Are we heading for robots takeover? Consequently that’s making a lot of people worried. According to a new piece of research published today a quarter of British workers are worried that robots are going to replace them. A YouGov survey of 1,000 Brits, analysts found that 7% of workers. That equates to 10Million people. Are worried that their job is going to change for the worse. While a much larger percentage (23%) are concerened that their job will become void. The research goes hand in hand with a 2 year commission on workers technology. Which will address the change and help workers re-skill if necessary.

Yvette Cooper MP, chair of the home affairs select committee stated:

‘The digital revolution means technology and jobs are changing faster than ever….. This survey of workers found that almost a quarter of workers are worried that their job will no longer be needed. And whilst it found that most people are optimistic that they will be able to change and update their skills, they also say they are not getting any help or support to train or adapt from the government, their employer or a trade union…..It is vital that action is taken now to ensure changing technology doesn’t widen inequality and to make sure all workers feel the benefits.’

Robot protection

While those that were surveyed were worried that their jobs would be taken, 9% took a different view. They asked the government if they are taking steps to prepare for new workplace technologies. (i.e. losing their job to a robot) The commission addresses these fears and are working to ensure that technological changes in the workplace will lead to good jobs. Furthermore, more allegedly seems to be done to help robots stay at bay. With the commission planning to bring the government, employers and trade unions in check regarding technological advancements and automation in the workplace.

‘Automation cannot simply be opposed, rather it should be made to work in the interests of working people. Our members are already dealing with the consequences of automation being managed badly. Government and business need to step up too, but trade unions have a central role to play,’  Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community (A workers union)


So, Will it make more jobs in other sectors or will we be slaves to robot forever? Also, Will Robots takeover in 20years?

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