It’s time for a brand new episode of New Phone Who Dis! The show from O2 that takes a new device out to test it in the ‘real world’ with a familiar face. This episode Marcus is testing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with the NOVA TWINS!

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra has an amazing camera. That’s the flagship feature of this fantastic smartphone. It has 8K Video Snap, which will change the way you capture both video and photography. Plus with the added 5G antenna you can share it even faster than normal. Furthermore it gets even better, Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processors and MASSIVE storage. What more could you want!?


We can tell you what you could want. An incredible 64MP camera,  108MP on the S20 Ultra and a first for smartphones, 100x MEGA ZOOM!

On the S20 and S20+ you get up to 30x Super resolution zoom and 3x hybrid optic zoom. However, on the S20 Ultra you get insane levels of zoom. A 10x hybrid optic zoom and up to 100x super resolution zoom! All on a smartphone!

Samsung have also upped the sensor in the lens so you can shoot much more in low light. In low light the pro grade cameras capture more, multiple photos at once in fact. As they’ll then merge them all together into one amazing shot with less blur and noise. Making your night shots clearer.

8K video snap, revolutionises the way you capture, both images and video. Samsung have taken it to the next level and can shoot at 8K. That’s 4 times as big as UHD and 16 times as big as FHD. Making your captures super super sharp. The most impressive part? The 8K video will turn each frame into a high resolution still which you can pinch into.  There’s even an anti-rolling stabiliser to balance camera movement. Therefore making footage not turn out blurry or unstable. Yet super smooth.


All versions of the S20 come with 5G modems built in. Allowing you to download large files in an instant and enjoy UHD Netflix films without lag! Even upload your 8K video at high speeds!


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a HUGE 5000mAH battery, allowing your phone to last all day long. However, the battery is intelligent as the phone will start to notice your habits and adjust power accordingly!

Better yet, there’s a micro SD card slot with allowance for up to 1.5TB!


On the Samsung S20 Ultra there’s a secure processor which is dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, patten and Blockchain Private Key. So you can be very confident your data is in safe hands. Both hardware and software is there to help protect YOU!

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