Serious Security Flaws

Researchers have discovered 2 serious security flaws that affect a lot of computers. These flaws affect every device that run on a chip processor. Allowing hackers to steal the entire history of your devices memory.

The security flaws are known as Meltdown and Spectre. Affecting intel processors and every other processor respectively.  Processors on all of your devices allow your computers and tech gadgets to perform a lot of tasks and calculations per second. For example on your phone, check the weather (whilst also determining your location) whilst listening to music whilst also sending an email.

The security flaws that researchers have discovered could potentially let people access protected parts of your computer or devices memory.

If hackers gain access they can harm your computer in a range of ways such as accessing passwords and emails. That’s not all major companies who use cloud servers for things such as iCloud or Dropbox are also at risk. As they too use the same tech as us, which also run on processors. This is even worse as hackers can gain access to everyone’s cloud based data!


Update to the latest update on Windows 10 and Apple’s OS 10.13.2 and on iOS download and install 11.2.2

Updates are releasing soon on Google Chrome and Firefox

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!