Wake n Shake Alarm Clock

We recently had a go on the world’s loudest alarm clock. It’s the Wake n Shake from Geemarc. We can tell you right away that this alarm clock is loud. VERY LOUD! Waking up in the mornings will no longer be a chore if you struggle to wake up, that’s what we can say right off the bat!

The Wake n Shake alarm clock has been designed for those who are hard of hearing. While it has also been designed for those that find it hard to get up in the mornings. The deep sleepers among us. While it is probably one of the most appreciated alarm clocks for helping all kinds of people, especially those deep sleepers among us, out of bed in the morning! The guys over at Geemarc tell us that they have heard many stories of their child’s school work/partners degree/career by getting out of bed in the mornings!

Wake n Shake FEATURES

  • Extra loud alarm (95dB spl at 1 meter) Red extra bright flash (12 LEDs)
  • Time format : 12/24 hours Programmable alarm
  • Duration of alarm : up to 1 hour From 5 to 60 minutes snooze
  • 5 alarm settings : Off, Vibrator, Ringer + Vibrator, Vibrator + Flash, Ringer + Vibrator + Flash
  • Lamp function (red light)
  • Large red display
  • Dimmer switch (Low/Mid/High) Volume and tone control (3 levels) Vibrator control (2 levels)
  • USB charging for smart phones and other electronics

Purchase your own here (affiliate): https://amzn.to/3D2Ee57

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