Watch OS5 – What can’t it do?

Watch OS5 (and potentially a whole new apple watch) is on the way very very soon and there are some cool features coming to the Apple Watch, check out some of the coolest ones below!

We also got our hands on the current model which managed to curve some opinions on the matter of wearables in genera You can hear the guys chatting about on our podcast by clicking here:


Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Competition

Activity Competitions

Watch OS5 now lets you invite your friends who are also Apple Watch wearers to competitions! Compete in 7 day activities, earning points for closing rings! You’ll even receive coaching notifications to help you along the way!







Auto Workout detection


Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Workout Detection

In Watch OS5, your Apple watch will now auto-detect what workout you are currently completing! You’ll get an alert to start the correct workout and give retroactive credit. The watch will also recognise that you’ve completed the work out and nudge you to end the workout session if it senses a period of inactivity.









Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – New Workouts

New Workouts

Alongside 12 other workouts on the Apple Watch Yoga and Hiking have been added! Accurately tracking active calories burned and exercise minutes earned.








Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Running Features



New Running Features

For running enthusiasts, there’s a whole host of powerful features added to Watch OS5. Including steps per minute, metric for indoor and outdoor runs and walks. There’s also an alarm that you can set for outdoor runs. It will let a user know if they are behind or ahead of their designated target pace. Plus the Watch will now let you know the rolling mile pace. This will be an option for runners who want to know their pace for the preceding mile in addition to their average/current pace.



Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

With the tap of your wrist you are now able to communicate with other Watch OS5 users with the introduction of Walkie Talkie! A brand new and fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. It works over both cellular data and Wifi.

(Walkie Talkie Not Available In China, UAE Or Pakistan)





Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

You can now listen to your favourite podcasts (How To Kill An Hour) on your Apple Watch with Watch OS5. Episodes will also be synced with other devices too, as well as auto refresh with the latest episodes!







Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Siri

Siri Updates

Siri is even better with Watch OS5, she will now offer more predictive and proactive shortcuts throughout the day based on your routines. Taking in information such as location, heart rate after a workout, and your commute time with Maps. Siri will also show you scores from your favourite sports teams!






Student ID Cards

Watch OS5

Watch OS5 – Student ID

For our readers you’ll now be able to add your Student ID card to your Apple Watch! Allowing students to raise their wrist to do an all manner of things such as gain access to the library or their dorms. Universities of Alabama, Oklahoma and Duke will be available when OS5 releases in the fall. While, Johns Hopkins, Santa Clara and Temple Universities will bring the capability by the end of the year.





Enhanced Notifications

Also, Notifications via third party apps are now able to interactive without the need to open the app!

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