4K Blu Ray Gone!

Credit: Apple.com

Credit: Apple.com

Ever have something so good it got taken away before you could even have it? Well, it looks like this may be the case if things keep going the way they are! You boring lot you!

4K Blu Ray is the best visual/audio quality you can get for your home theatre. They look as good as they do in the cinema and they’re coming out in a few months but if the stats are to be accepted, it most likely will be ignored by you like that annoying ex thats really hot but also really crazy, so you got to stay strong! 

Now to watch these 4K films you may need to put down a lot of money for a shiny new player, which in reality you wont need as you can already stream content in 4K!

Digital out sold physical-media purchases last year, clocking in at $8.9 billion compared with $8 billion and streaming subscriptions jumped 20 percent to reach $5.7 billion.

Its a lot easier to stream 4K for the regular Joe like you or I, than it is to buy new hardware, and for the industry folk, 4K Blu Ray is a lot harder to pass through all the legal hoops, for 4K Blu Ray to go ahead, you have to get all of the format partners to get on board and then convince the studios to get on board and then convince us to buy new players. When you can stream with no problem whatsoever & it is already available! So I don’t even know why we’re having this discussion! 

One big problem with 4K streaming is that you need a solid internet connection (between 11Mbps and 15Mbps) to enjoy it today.

As history points out convenience always wins over quality when it comes to media formats. The unfortunate thing about 4K Blu-ray is that it lost the fight to streaming before it even arrived.