iFrogz InTone Earbuds

Marcus recently checked out the iFrogz InTone Earbuds for the show and absolutely loved them!

Please see below product features and links to where you can buy your own and to hear Marcus chatting about them on the show!

  • Stylish: With their bright color options, the In-Tone earbuds are a perfect addition to any style.
  • Powerful: A 14mm driver delivers smooth tones no matter the volume or music type.
  • Convenient: An in-line, single-button remote/microphone allows users to control their music with ease and even take calls on the go.
  • Versatile: The In-Tone earbuds rest on the ear so users can enjoy their music while remaining aware of ambient sounds.


To buy your own iFrogz InTone Earbuds please click here!

To listen to Marcus chatting about them please click here!