Immotor Go

The Immotor Go is a great personal transport device that allows you to get around town quickly and easily!

  • Top Speed of 16mph
  • 16 Mile Range (with 2 super batteries)
  • 300lb Weight Capacity
  • 350 Watt motor
  • 3 wheeled design to make it easy to learn to ride
  • Can start without a kickstart
  •  Mode 1 is set at 4 MPH (6 KPH) for safe riding on sidewalks,
  • Mode 2 is set at 13 MPH (20 KPH) for cruising.
  • Sport Mode’s top speed of 16 MPH (25 KPH)
  • All speed modes can be accessed via the app and adjusted or manually set
  • Adaptive Suspension
  • In Built LED lights
  • Can be set in cruise control to stroll along beside you
  • Includes Phone Holder

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