MYNT Smart Tracker

MYNT is a tracking device with remote control for your smart phone, all in one small device. It was a big challenge to make MYNT with a stainless steel casing so it would be thin enough to fit in your wallet, plus adding a fun and useful remote control feature so you can wirelessly control the shutter of the camera on your phone — it makes taking better selfies easier, as well as group shots without having to ask a passing stranger to help you out with a picture. Remote control of the music on your smart phone, and control PowerPoint or Keynote presentations on your Mac, all this with just one small device, your MYNT.
– Technically advanced – 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) thin enough to fit in your wallet
– Beautifully designed – Polished stainless steel casing
– Powerful and useful – camera phone remote shutter, music control and Mac computer Keynote & Powerpoint remote control

(MYNT Vimeo)

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