NYC Tracking Homeless People

NYC are trying to battle the social problem of homelessness and the NYC mayor is planning to deploy a tool to count every homeless person in the city.

In the hands of workers that reach out to the homeless every day “Street Smart” will help to track health, income, demographics and other figures. The city wants to help collate and build this comprehensive data and get the people the help they need.

Time is needed to build trust with the homeless & “Street Smart” collects data and makes it accessible to multiple social workers who may come in contact with the same person, whilst keeping a homeless persons data/privacy on lock.

The obvious massive advantage to this is the easily accessible data such as a homeless persons behavioral patterns and trouble points, at a worker’s fingertips without having to delve into mountains of paperwork. Plus gives workers a heads up when shelters aren’t giving or offering the help to the homeless that they should, not forgetting the benefit of easily being able to check in on a homeless person if they need help or someone to talk to.

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