We recently got sent to Belgium to check out the AMAZING Star Wars drones by Propel/Disney and they did not disappoint!

These drones are not toys, they are beautifully crafted drones that should be treated with love and care, (although they can take a battering) coming in at £199.99 the drones use a different propulsion technique than most other drones. They have propellers underneath the drone to help push the drone up, rather than on top to pull the drone up into the air. Not only that, the propellers are transparent so when they are in the air, it’s almost like you cannot see them and the drone’s are flying just like their movie counterparts!

See the pics below for the fun that we had when we went!

Included on the drones are infrared sensors that used when you battle another drone to shoot it out of the sky! When we were at the event we were told that there is an add on being released that allows a user to actually see the laser bullets being shot! The drones use Li-Fi (Light Fidelity, which is 100x faster than WiFi) to do this, which are lasers that are encoded to transfer data via light! The drones are also very very smart, they have IAT (Intelligence Awareness Technology) so the drones are aware who shot who when playing, kind of like laser tag, with up to 12 people in a battle! This information is then sent each of the controllers (yours/your rivals) and updates accordingly.

All this sounding a bit too much? Don’t fret! Before you go out and battle your way to saving the galaxy, there is a tutorial that you can undertake, when you buy a Star Wars Drone by Propel. Turn on the app and take the tutorial which is a 3D version of the physical drone and you have to complete a series of tasks, within the Star Wars universe, so if you get an X-Wing you’re on the Hoth & when you buy the Speedbike you’re on the Moon of Endor, this gets you used to flying the drone. Why? The drone that you see on screen uses real flight physics which mimic how the drone behaves in real life! Ready to move from the digital drone to the physical drone, but still a bit tentative? Again fear not, Propel have done a great job preparing users for flights so they don’t damage their shiny new drone, included on the controller is a mode called, T-Mode, which limits the height of the drone, both above and below the drone, it puts it in like a virtual box and doesn’t allow it to go beyond that box.

Amongst all the fun that we had, Marcus Bronzy got to chat to Darren Scott Matloff, the CEO of Propel to discuss in detail what the drones are all about, how they work and a lot lot more!

Watch his interview below!

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