Nintendo Charge grip gets pricey!

The guys recently chatted about the Nintendo Switch and as they said it is a little pricey, the console doesn’t even have a game with it.

Now every Nintendo Switch comes with a Joy-Con Grip accesory that holds the two Joy-Con controllers so it forms a controller similar to a regular game pad……….but it won’t charge them. To charge them whilst you’re playing you got to pay for a much pricier accessory called the Joy Con Charging Grip which costs $29.99!

They look different but also the same the only difference is that the switch box on the non charging one is opaque with a matte gray finish while the charging version is gray but translucent.

You don’t need the charging grip to keep the controllers powered, they will charge whilst connected to the Switch unit – there just doesn’t seem to be an option on the Joy Con controllers to plug them directly into a USB power outlet – which is annoying at best.

The Joy Con controllers have a non-removable 525 mAh battery that will last for approximately 20 hours & whether the pads are in a Charging Grip or connected to a Switch, to fully charge them from completely flat to full it will take three hours!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!