Seaboard 5D!

As well as making music with the Roli App we have also been playing around with a different app available from the same company (Roli) the Seaboard 5D app!

Designed to accompany the Seaboard Rise hardware from Roli the app allows you to also make music without it and create beats on the move!

Recreating the possibilities that are available on the Seaboard RISE, you can shape sounds using the 5 Dimensions of Touch: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift, with the use of 3D touch also there are so many possibilities!  So not only will it make your iPhone/iPad a sound engine for the Seaboard RISE you’ll also turn it into a really powerful musical instrument!
It’s as easy as pick up and play so anyone of any ability will be able to make tunes within minutes, laid out like a piano keyboard it is not daunting either when you first look at it. Instead of a regular keyboard layout though it is like a continues set of “keywaves” that you can stroke of glide across. For example you can bend the pitch by gliding your fingers across the keys or modulate sounds by moving your finger up and down a keywave.

Click here to download Seaboard 5D!

Click here to listen to the guys talking about Seaboard 5D!