Tips For Starting A New Gaming Channel

First of all, you need to have a basic understanding of how the Youtube algorithm works if you want to start a gaming channel. Up to 70% of YouTube users who watch videos on this platform are due to recommendations. Therefore, the more specialized you are in a given game, the easier it will be to discover on the platform, instead of playing a few games out of personal preference. At this point you are an expert at this game. If you do it right, when your videos get a decent number of views, YouTube will see those positive performances and recommend them. Once you’ve picked a game you love, you can get even more niche in order to enrich your ideas and produce more videos.

Call Of Duty Warzone How To Kill An Hour

Let’s play

This is the simplest idea or concept of a Youtube game channel, as you just play the game and give comments throughout the video. Let’s play can run on any game, it’s easy to deploy but also fun and gives effective interaction. However, due to Youtube’s saturation and fierce competition today, this is not the best idea.

Top / Best list

Listicle gameplay videos are great for giving you an overview of what you should have to gear up or for entertaining yourself to see the best moments or the best failures in a certain game. 

A list can cover a lot of things and you can search for the information you need in a short period of time, such as Top 10 Minecraft Shaders, Dota 2 Best Moments 2020, The Best 5 Star Island Tour In Animal Crossing etc.

How? ‘Or’ What

The idea will be extremely effective for search rankings and will be discovered by new viewers as it is a common question in all content niches on Youtube. Each video will allow you to troubleshoot while playing the game and once you get into the process you can even seek out more ideas from your audience to produce the next videos. 

Create your channel identity

You’ve done the core, now comes the design of the shell or homepage of your Youtube game channel so that the audience can recognize your identity. 

Give it a name

When it comes to naming your Youtube channel, make sure you make it understandable, short, and spicy, in addition to being relevant to your content. Pick a name that best shows your personality and voice to impress viewers.

About tab

Most people know your channel first, the first thing they notice is the About section. In this section, you need to briefly describe yourself, what kind of game channel it is, how often video is downloaded or a link to other social networking sites so that viewers can learn more about you.

The right technology

You will want to ensure that you have the right technology such as your video editing tools, and the security of your videos. This includes looking at something such as Ark server hosting with over 100 game settings for example, so that you have control over your videos.