Marcus Bronzy and Ace Kill have a CHRISTMAS BOOTY for you to win, get some fan art and also talk about Ace’s charity work, life on a film set, Splash-Black-Holes , HO-LO VOL-VO, Space Lifts, BBC Three, Tech Tats, ‘Robo’Racers and more!!

Marcus Bronzy and Ace have a CHRISTMAS Giveaway with all this to win all this…


Fallout 4

Official Rugby World cup Game

Turtle Beach X Wing Star Wars gaming Headset

The Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition which includes:
– a Replica Grappling Hook from the game – An Artbook full of game artwork

– a Map of the game

– Day 1 Edition of the Game: which means you get a heap of extra vehicles and weapons

Asassins Creed Syndicate

Rainbow six; Siege

A Numbskull Gaming Jumper!

Numbskull Gaming Baubles

WRC5 (World Rally Championship) Game

WRC5 T-Shirts

WRC5 Car Sponge! Why not!?


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