On How To Kill An Hour we are always looking for sick and innovative ideas to make our lives easier and the latest invention that we have come across is no different. It’s a game changer! Ever watched a film or the television with a drink and not had anywhere to put it, so you put it on the floor and then you manage to kick it over and your drink is now all over the floor and you got to clean it all up, potentially missing the show!

Well let us introduce you to the Couch Coaster! This week on How To Kill An Hour we spoke to Barry Freeder of Couch Coaster listen via the link at the bottom of this article!

Couch Coaster is basically a coaster that attaches to the arm of your sofa, safely and securly and on all shapes and sizes of sofa arms, all you need is a minimum arm width of 14cm sofa arms.

It has plenty of features such as:

  • One-size fits all, maximum stability on your sofa arm
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Flexible silicone body
  • Weighted band
  • Suitable for any drinks holder (Mugs, Bottles, Cans, Cups)
  • Features integrated mug handle slot and adaptor
  • Wraps over flat, curved, wide and narrow arms

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Listen above to our chat with Barry Freeder of Couch Coasters!

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