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Arca’s Path

Marcus Bronzy is joined By Founder and CEO of VR development studio Dream Reality Interactive // @DRi_HQ. Former Director of Sony PlayStation’s London Studio,  Dave Ranyard. To talk about his input on Arca’s Path! (Published by Rebellion Games).


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Arcas Path looks so so beautiful! A VR only title from Rebellion and developed by Dream Reality Interactive is due for release later this year. The game will be available on PS VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift/Go and Gear VR. While not much is known about this game it is described as:

In a beautifully abstract yet enchanting world, a new path lies ahead of a girl. Skill, instinct and awareness will guide her through the rich labyrinth and its dangers. To return home and to reality, she must tear down the walls of Arca.

As a result of how good this looks and we know very little, we’re very intrigued. Therefore we cannot wait to learn more about this one! (Metro)

We also spoke about the future of VR as an entertainment product.

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