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Marcus Bronzy is joined By Tom Regan Gaming editor at Fandom to discuss our favourite takeaways from #E3 2018 in Best Of E3 Part 3!



Semblance is a puzzler/platformer game that revolves around a piece of paydough. Move around the world by utilising the aspects of playdough, so squish, squash and even deform your character around the world to solve a whole range of tasks and puzzles. (Semblance)

Marvels Spider-Man

Insomniac’s Marvels Spider-Man was shown off at E3 this year and it impressed the E3 crowd and those watching at home a like. Spiderman is an action and adventure open world game exclusive to PS4. The gameplay trailer that was shown off this year did not disappoint. It looks just like a movie and the devs over at Insomniac have done a wonderful job of seamlessly transitioning between gameplay and cutscenes. Also revealed was a whole host of villains that Spidey will be taking on too! Villains include Electro, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture. Consequently, all of whom escape from the maximum security prison that we see in the trailer above. Hype has been huge for this game and for all the right reasons too! It’s shaping up to be a heavy hitter when it releases on 7th September 2018 as an exclusive title for PS4. (The Verge)

Overcooked 2

An How To Kill An Hour favourite is BACK! Yes that’s right everyone’s favourite cooking game is returning, this is Overcooked 2! In this game the Onion Kingdom is once again in peril. Though it’s at the fault of the Onion King himself! By reading aloud from the fabled Necronomnomicon, he has cooked up a real problem. A problem in the form of a doughy and dangerous army of Undead Bread, named: The Unbread! The game requires players to chop, bake and fry their way to a set of brand new kitchens and tasks to defeat and save the kingdom!

Overcooked 2 is a co-op game that allows 1-4 players to help serve recipes to hungry customers in an series of unconventional kitchens. The game will follow players across kitchens located in hot air balloons, a magical school and even planets! Don’t forget to dodge the fires, collapsing floors or overbearing waiters!

Resident Evil 2

Also shown off is the long awaited remake of a fan favourite in the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil 2 Remastered the game is scheduled to be released on January 25th 2019 and a new third person view was confirmed! Since the game is a remake, so, players will also be able to play as both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy! (Polygon)

Jump Force

For all you anime fans out there Bandai Namco’s Jump Force is just the game for you! Announced during Microsoft’s conference, the brawler, fight em up will feature a lot of your favourite anime characters. Characters from the Dragon Ball universe, Naruto, Death Note and One Piece. The game is said to be dropping in 2019! However, even though it was announced during Mircosoft’s conference there is no word that this is an exclusive to the Xbox. (Verge)

Soul Calibur 6

Legendary beat em up Soulcalibur returns this year in the form of Soulcalibur 6 and is due for release on October 19th. The game will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The story trailer shown off by Bandai Namco at this years E3 shows some of the series characters returning such as Ivy, Nightmare, Mitsurugi and Kilik. The story revolves around the characters bounding together to embark on a quest to protect (Or even acquire) the Soul Edge. The 6th title is revisiting old time events from original Soulcalibur but this game is teasing to reveal additional details about the lore!


Firstly Sable looks absolutely incredible, it’s looks like a different type of game than most would think, it’s cartoony/cel shaded. Think comic book more than movie. Players within the game a person called Sable, tasked with exploring a vast wide open area desert type landscape. There are other people on this land too, so there are plenty of things to do and people to talk to and befriend whilst you’re there. Explore the world and go on a deeply personal journey whilst learning it’s history and your own place in the world. The game is due to come out on PC/Mac in 2019.  (Polygon/Steam)

CyberPunk 2077

Developer CD Projekt Red describe Cyberpunk 2077 as an ““an open world, narrative-driven role-playing game” so essentially this game, as beautiful as it looks, is a first person role playing game. A first person role playing game that is also open world and narrative driven. We are liking the sound of this already! Fallout fans listen up! As even though the game is in first person, the game is said to offer players, plenty of chances to see what your character looks like. Pointing out that the game is a First Person RPG and not an FPS.

We are liking the route that this game is taking, making sure to emphasise the fact that it’s not just a shooter and it seems like there is a HUGE focus on storytelling. That’s what we got from the trailer, the trailer looked very movie like and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!

Users are playing as “V”, who is a “hired gun on the rise” within the Cyberpunk violent metropolis, Night City. Judging from the trailer we are getting a Matrix/Ready Player One vibe to the game. Going more indepth on the character customization, CD Projekt Red promises a “robust character creator” which will allow platers to choose things such as gender, appearance class and even their characters backgrounds. However, choose wisely as the choices that you make now, will affect and influence how the game plays out.

Yet much like regular RPG’s players are encouraged to interact with the various residents of Night City. Users do this via a dialogue system, which in turn will navigate the Cyberpunk 2077 narrative. With CD Prokekt Red stating that “difficult decisions will ripple through the entire game” (Polygon)

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