The XTND is an electronic skateboard unlike anything we have ever seen here at How To Kill An Hour, as well as being electronic it is a smart electric skateboard that comes fully equipped with AI:

  • Tracks your route learning the area and suggests a faster route for you
  • Learns your riding style and creates unique settings to adjust itself to you the rider
  • The more you ride the board the better the board gets at improving how to suit to you
  • Auto lights that turn on when visibility is poor
  • Detects when your about to fall off and slows the board down accordingly

I don’t know about you but this sounds really cool!

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Spectra Skateboard

SPECTRA is the first and only eBoard with an ever-learning 3D Posture Control system, ABS braking, and interactive app control. With built-in pressure and gyro sensors, SPECTRA learns your body’s movements and riding style for a revolutionary ride. (Spectra)

Your daily commute will never be the same! SPECTRA is The World’s Most Portable and Intelligent electric personal vehicle, with the first-ever 3D Posture Control System (3D Step), the smallest electromagnetic ABS braking module available (MagBrake), and a Supercar-grade carbon fiber and magnesium unibody.

Riders can alternatively control their SPECTRA with the WALNUTT eBoard Go App on their smart phone. (Spectra IndieGogo)

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Boosted Boards


Boosted Boards are electric skateboards that are designed from the ground up to drastically improve your urban transportation experience. Boosted offers two battery options so you can decide which is right for you. With 6-7 miles of range, the standard battery is great for short city commutes and fully certified for airline travel. The extended battery, providing 12 miles of range, is perfect for longer commutes and epic rides. Batteries are user replaceable, allowing you to swap packs in minutes and has enough power to get you up a 25 degree hilled incline!

Boosted even has a powerful regenerative braking system allows you to come to a stop confidently, even while turning or going down a hill. Boosted Boards have multiple ride modes make it easier than ever to jump on a board regardless of your skill level. Start in beginner mode, which goes up to 11mph, and work your way up to pro, which tops out at 22mph.

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