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It’s “Game, Set, Match” For Tesla, Says Musk

Elon Musk likes to extol the virtues of his car company. But this month, the billionaire mogul has gone a step further, claiming that it’s “game, set, match” for the firm in the race to develop autonomous tech. Musk is convinced that no other players in the industry can catch Tesla in the race to develop cars that drive themselves, thanks to the company’s unique position.


Game, Set, Match Tesla


Musk points out that Tesla is the only company in the world to make cars, develop autonomous tech in-house and collect vehicle data. It is, in his opinion, a slam dunk, which means that Tesla will continue to outcompete the rest of the market for at least the next five years.




What does this mean for the “traditional” automakers like BMW and Ford? Are we looking at the end of the traditional auto industry as everyone switches to Tesla’s superior tech?


It’s worth pointing out that other players could cobble together some form of response. Ford, for instance, could team up with Google’s Waymo and start producing cars with the search giant’s powerful software onboard. Likewise, BMW could pair up with another third-party provider and install all of the autonomous apparatus it needs as the cars come off the production line. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that part.


The Competition


But all companies, including Waymo, have a problem that Musk’s Tesla has solved: the data collection issue. Waymo, the second most driven AI system in the world, has collected about 10 million miles of real-world data through its various testing initiatives. Tesla, on the other hand, says that it has more than 2 billion, meaning that it just has way more data to train its algorithms.


The cars you can find on sites like  Emerald House Of Cars today still offer some pretty decent autonomous technology. Many, for instance, offer lane assist, parking assist, lane warning, blind spot assist and smart cruise control. But these are low-hanging fruit: it’s relatively easy to make a car do what you want in controlled conditions and set pieces. It’s when the vehicle has to make decisions itself when things start getting complicated. Just reacting isn’t too hard, but being proactive is something that machines struggle to do.


How Long Before We Get Autonomy?


Will we get autonomous tech anytime soon? Musk seems to think so. In the interview in which he declared that it was “game, set, match” to Tesla, he said that his cars would be “feature complete” with regards to autonomous driving by the end of 2020, so about 18 months from now. That’s the point, he says, where he’d feel comfortable travelling in a Tesla autonomous vehicle.


That’s not to say, however, that regulators will agree. Tesla might be ready to go as early as next year, but regulators could spend upwards of a decade working out whether they think autonomy is a good idea. Many conservative regulators may always want a human in the loop. The delay could allow other manufacturers to catch up and overtake Tesla, which isn’t what the company wants.



Tesla Burning Through Tons Of Cash!

So, turns out Telsa like spending money as fast as they do making it! A report by Bloomberg suggests that Tesla, if they keep going at the rate that they are, may run out of money by the end of the year! Elon Musk’s electronic car baby may run out of cash and the electronic car revolution finished!

The company fell short of it’s own production targets for the Model 3 Sedan once again. Futhermore another person died in a crash involving it’s assisted driving feature. So it’s not been a great week for Musk or Tesla. Musk himself has entered into a public dispute with safety regulators. Tesla had previously been a high marketed stocked company. This was boosted by a downgrade from credit analysts, yet it has dropped 26% from it’s highest in September. Ouch. Allegedly no one has raised cash and spent it the way that Elon Musk has. While no one has also made a bankruptcy joke on Twitter.


The company is so young and there is a genuine risk, without any additional funding or financing that the company will go bust. Which will be a shame for a 15 year old company that’s hailed as the company to usher in a new form of personal transportation. According to data compiled by Bloomberg the tech company goes through $7,430 each minute. Free cash flow (this is cash that a company generates after capital expenditures – has been negative for 6 quarters – consecutively. This, has sky rocketed to more than a billion dollars when Tesla reported it’s earnings on May 2nd.

There’s some rough times ahead and we hope that Tesla and Musk can pull through, it’s such a cool company and the future of tech needs Tesla!

This article was thanks to a Bloomberg report where you can see a much more detailed report of how much money Tesla are ploughing through! It even has a counter that predicts how much has been spent since you started reading!


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Hyperloop Completes First Test

Hyperloop, the futuristic tube travel method thought up by Elon Musk, that would get travellers from London to Edinburgh in 45 mins, has completed it’s first test, paving the way for a fully fledged release of the futuristic tech in the near future, making a vehicle travel at 70mph for 5 seconds using magnetic levitation.

The company has a goal for it’s next speed to be 250mph before aiming for the full speed of 750mph before we presume launching not long after barring safety licenses and being approved by the relevant travel boards. However it is believed that the Hyperloop will be used at first to transport cargo before moving onto people transportation.

Hyperloop also showed off a prototype pod design:


Hyperloop have said that it’s design is safer than passenger jets, has lower build and maintenance costs than high speed trains and it’s energy usage is incredibly low, equivalent to that of a person on a bicycle.

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Elons Tunnel Machine Name?

Elon Musk is now, as you may know, is looking at building a load of tunnels under LA to deal with it’s traffic problem. Well Elon Musk despite having to yet overcome things like permits or if his idea will work, or if he even has enough money to actually build the thing took to Twitter to think of some names for his tunnel building machine. This is what he has come up with thus far:


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Elon Musk’s BrainPlug

Well Matrix is about to become reality…if Elon Musk has his way.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, Elon Musk has started a company called “Neuralink” to develop a “neural lace: that would allow humans to communicate with machines without a physical interface. By implanting electrodes into a brain so that we could upload or download thoughts to a computer – thus possibly allowing us to achieve higher levels of cognitive function. (all sounds X-Men like doesn’t it!)

Musk touched upon a Neural Lace like implant at Vox Media’s Code Conference in 2016, stating it could allow humans to achieve “symbiosis” with machines, preventing them from becoming “house cats” to AI.

Though the WSJ is reporting that Neuralink’s first products could use implants to treat disorders such as epilepsy.

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South Korea Super Train

South Korea could soon have some transportation that moves close to the speed of sound! The Korean Railroad Research Insititute are working on their own hyper-loop esque train that could travel at 621mph or 1,000kph and will be ready in the near future.

The train could move travelers between Seoul and Busan a trip that takes about 50mins by plane or over 5hours on public transport in just half hour, the train can go so fast as there isn’t any friction!

Compared to the Hyperloop which travels at speeds up to 800mph (1,300km/h) this train has a bit of work to do to catch up. However it seems the South Korean train could be ready before the Hyperloop, so it remains to be seen which one is better!

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Tesla Prediction!

Dash cam footage from the Netherlands from a Tesla driver shows the car’s autopilot function predicting an accident before anyone saw it coming.

In the clip below you can see a bunch of cars travelling down the A2 highway in the Netherlands. It is here where the ‘Forward Collision Warning’ on the Tesla beeps and the car is brought to a halt by the emergency braking system. Moments later a crash occurs.

Incredibly the Tesla was able to predict the crash but also recognize what was coming two cars ahead of itself.

Tesla announced in September 2016 that an upgrade to it’s autopilot feature would rely heavily on this feature. With the update being rolled out to it’s first generation of autopilot hardware.

“The most significant upgrade to Autopilot will be the use of more advanced signal processing to create a picture of the world using the onboard radar,” 

@elonmusk Finally the right one.

— Hans Noordsij (@HansNoordsij) December 27, 2016

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