HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia: The live game show on your phone!

HQ Trivia is a brand new LIVE game for iPhone!

Firstly, it’s an app that is very unique, in the fact that it plays on the use of live streaming very intelligently! HQ Trivia is a LIVE game show which anyone can take part in around the world. Here in the UK the shows differ, as there are US game shows (that UK players can take part in) and UK specific game shows. UK game shows take place every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm and 9pm and are hosted by Sharon Carpenter. Whilst the US shows are shown at various different times during the week with the main show taking place at 2am GMT (there are other more convenient times, for UK players, throughout the week. Just keep an eye on your notifications) The US Show is mainly hosted by Scott Rogowsky alongside other US hosts.

Viral Sensation

HQ Trivia hasn’t, by the looks of things online, used any marketing tactics. It’s gone viral and the numbers have creeped up from 300, 5K, to close to a 1M game players at once. However, these figures do change depending on what game users take on we’ve found. Created by the co-creators of Vine, game players use their general knowledge ability for the chance to win real cash prizes. Prizes of which have ranged from $500 – $2500 on a regular game. To the HUGE game that have been played recently of $15K!! The winnings are either split or taken by 1 user.

Not like Goldenballs

Now don’t worry, this isn’t a case of the game several years back on UK’s ITV ‘Goldenballs’. (This game was BRUTAL, players had to use their game playing skills to take out other players. Until, the end where players had to either split or steal. If both players split, the money is split. One players Steals and the other splits, the stealer takes all the money. Both steal, neither take home the money. Absolutely brutal, as you had to often think of if the other person is manipulating you to just take home all the money)

Splitting in HQ Trivia, you’ll be glad to know is not like that. The winnings are literally split X amount of ways. For example we recently saw a $500 game be split 30 ways, each player got $16. It’s not a lot. But it’s great when you only have had to answer 12 questions for 15 minutes.

‘Easy’ Money

Consequently, that’s the draw. The ‘Easy’ money. It’s only 15 minutes and you ‘only’ have to answer 12 questions. The questions understandably will get harder as they go on. But it’s 12 questions between you and a potential $500. You only get 10 seconds to answer so there’s no Googling! It’s a one and done play too, so get a question wrong and you’re out!

While there have been some glitches where players aren’t able to answer any question and your ‘eliminated’ but the app is new and kinks will have to be ironed out. Just recently Rogowsky had to stall for a long time. People in the chat noticed and the guys over at HQ Trivia HQ restarted the game.

Most of all, HQ Trivia is a lot of fun, so we can’t recommend it enough! It’s totally addictive and keeps you on your toes!

To download HQ Trivia please click here!