There’s a new underwear brand in town and their hilarious but functional at the same time!

They’re called Eletrunks and they allow a user to adjust himself without having to shove his hand down ‘there’ The website describes the underwear as ‘chafe-free’ and keeps ‘you from sticking to yourself’ – regarding the issue of not putting your hand down ‘there’ the website describes how and where you place your baby maker and when you need to ‘adjust’ just give the ‘lifter’ a tug.

Founder Michael Walker, told Mashable how he came up with this crazy idea:

“I quit my job last September to travel through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Somewhere in the first week of Ecuador I convinced myself to buy a motorcycle to carry me through the rest of my journey,” he told Mashable. “Here is where I realized how incredibly uncomfortable each type of men’s underwear can be and how there is no true functionality. Somewhere crossing the Colombia boarder the idea for Eletrunks crystallized.”


Click here to listen to the guys talking about this cool product on the show!