iStorage diskAshur2

iStorage diskAshur2 PIN Encoded HDD: how to secure your hard drives data!

Ever worried about keeping your data secure if you were ever to lose your hard drives? Even after putting on a password on to the hard drive? We have found the solution with the iStorage diskAshur2! This device is incredibly secure as instead of having a software based password that you have to input into the computer. The password, or should we say PIN! Is built right into the device itself! Therefore creating some of the best security devices we have seen!

Furthermore, the device is easy to use hard drive is ultra secure and is PUN authenticated. Providing some of the best data protection available today. Including real-time AES 256-bit XTS hardware encryption. The iStorage diskAshur2 has incredible data transfer speeds as well. As the hard drive has USB 3.1 capabilities. The PIN is inputted into the device with an easy to use keypad, enabling you to securely access the drive. The PIN has a 7-15 digit PIN and works across all operating systems. Such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome and more! It will work on almost any device with a USB port!


The iStorage diskAshur2 is GDPR compliant too and has dedicated hardware based secure microprocessors, which employ built in physical protection mechanisms. So, these are designed to defend against any external tamper and bypass attacks. Therefore, the iStorage diskAshur2 is very unique as it reacts to an automated attack by entering a deadlock frozen state. The drive will simply not work unless the PIN is entered. There is literally no way around it!

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