No Money No Problem!?

A homeless guy asks for change and for most of us (even if you don’t like to admit it) we will say “Sorry Mate I have no change” – well that excuse may soon be null and void.

A company from Amsterdam called N=5 have created a jacket that has NFC technology on it that allows you to pay using contactless. So if you do wish to donate to the homeless and you have your card on you, all you have to do is tap your card on to their jacket and voila you’ve donated.

The donations are one Euro per donation and the money can only be redeemed by a user through an official homeless shelter in exchange for a place to sleep or eat.

An employee of N=5 spoke to indy100 and said:

“[Firstly], these days we tend to carry little or no cash at all…..Secondly, most people would like to help the homeless, but they feel that giving money basically goes to supporting addictions. So, we wondered: how we can make it easier for people to help others who need it?

“ The only way to redeem the money received this way is through one of the official homeless shelters. The money never goes to the homeless person as cash, but is always redeemed in kind. This way, it can be spent on a place to sleep, a shower or food. The homeless person can also choose to spend it on self-improvement, like vocational training courses or even in building up savings.”

It’s only in a trial period at this moment in time N=5 hopes to refine the product and get it out on mass to those that need it. 

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

Insert Coin Clothing!