Lapa 2

Ever find yourself losing keys, wallets, bags and then taking a looooong time to find them?

Well we have the device for you! The Lapa 2!

Lapa 2 is a really small device which you can attach to things that you lose, such as bags, wallets, keys – you can even attach it to your pet!

Then when the inevitable happens and you lose your stuff you can find them using your smartphone. What if you lose your phone I hear you ask! Well you can use the Lapa 2 to find your smartphone. Even if its on silent! Just push the embedded button on the Lapa and it will ring the phone!

Not only that your phone will notify you if you leave something behind, BOTH the Lapa and your phone will ring and you’ll also get a notification when you walk away! That you may never even need to use the Lapa 2 to find your stuff as the Lapa tells you when you’re about to lose them! The Lapa 2 even has a replaceable battery!

But sometimes you may actually lose the Lapa but you can ask for help! The Lapa Community will help you find it! Every time a Lapa user passes by your lost Lapa, they’ll send you a notification of its Last Seen Location to you. Depending on your privacy settings they’ll also be able to contact you and notify you of its whereabouts.




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