Tinder Streaming?

Tinder is said to be getting into the streaming world. How? Well it is setting it’s sights on helping you pair up with prospective dates through what you watch!

Reuters first reported Monday that Tinder’s parent company, Match Group have finished filming. What is it they’re filming? Well it is said to be a multi episode television series with an “apocalyptic” setting. While one source told Reuters that the series would involve romance, it is said that the romance storyline is a subplot.

However, Variety have also reported something similar, with an alleged six-episode series, choose your own adventure show. Revolved around the question “Who would you spend your last night alive with?”

Tinder Streaming: Content Offerings

Match Group, according to Reuters are wishing to expand it’s original content fofering and better engage it’s users. Variety, citing a source, are claiming that Tinder hopes to mine series selections to create algorithms that pair up users with one another.

Yet another insider close to the project said Tinder intends to create an algorithm based on how its users make decisions within the series, and then match them with romantic interests based on those choices. A Tinder user’s particular view on how a group of characters should spend the eve of the apocalypse will lead them to others with similar takes, the thinking goes, and then, perhaps, to an awkward first date in real life.

Variety continued to report that the series will stream from within the app. Swiping right or left will reveal the storyline further. It is said to launch in early October. Karena Evans, who has directed multiple music videos for Drake, reportedly shot the series. Which Reuters and Variety state the the show was filmed in Mexico City.

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