Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is OUT NOW and we think that it is absolutely incredible. Not only is it beautiful but the story is said to be one of the most interesting and immersive gaming experiences out there right now. We will definitely come back to you with a full look at Metro Exodus in the future. But in the mean time, we’re on board. This game has no competitive multiplayer, it has no co-op but what it does have is a vivid story which will keep you entertained for hours. It looks like a movie, what more could you want?!

Five years on from the previous Metro game (Metro: Last Light) you control Arytom and a band of Spartan Rangers. WHo have fled the Moscow Metro and embark on an incredible continent spanning epic journey. Not just any journey either, it’s across a post apocalyptic Russia.

The story is inspired by novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro Exodus’ storyline is a huge expansive single player experience that blends an incredible narrative. With high octane impact combat, exploration, survival and stealth. Therefore creating one wonderfully atmospheric, immersive world. We haven’t been this excited for a single player experience since Red Dead Redemption II! 

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