Nokia 8110

Nokia 8110 – Banana Phone Upgraded!

Nokia are playing on our nostalgia once again with the success of the 3310, HMD Global are re-releasing the Nokia 8110. This time with a whole new modern and upgraded set of insides. In 1996 the original ‘banana phone’ was made famous by Keanu Reeves in ‘The Matrix’

The original 8810 was groundbreaking due to the weird but useful shape, which many dubbed a ‘banana’. It may look silly but it served a very good purpose. The shape allowed the phones microphone to be placed as closely an as ergonomically to your mouth.

The upgraded 8810 runs a ‘Smart Feature OS’  which allows for 4g connectivity. Something you wouldn’t expect from such a stripped down phone. Plus would you believe it, it even has Facebook! Well eventually it will, Facebook have said that an app will be available to download at some point.

Nokia 8110 – Apps you say?

It may look small and but it is mighty. The Nokia 8110 will include stripped down versions of Google Assistant, Twitter, Maps, and search. Alongside the usual texts, email and of course the old favourite ‘Snake’.

HMD Global, Nokia’s parent company suggest that the Nokia 8110 is a phone that we should use to switch off from the always connected modern world. That the use of their phone would be perfect for the weekend to:

“switch off, have fun and relax in the knowledge that all your smartphone essentials are there when you need them”

Will the 8810 be as popular as the previous upgraded 3310? We will soon find out when it’s released in May in the UK for a total price of £69. The banana phone will be available in black or yellow.

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