Episode 325 Adam Woolard


Nanoleaf – The coolest lights ever?

We have received some pretty cool stuff into the How To Kill An Hour offices and the Nanoleaf Light Panels are no different! They’re super interesting and really make the office stand out, they’re a lot more than just a set of lights too! They’re smart but, they’re also more than just smart!

Nanoleaf Light Panels are different to other smart lights, like the Philips Hue too. As they’re huge triangles of lights that are modular. Therefore allowing you to personalise them to whatever design you wish. You can wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with an array of colours while automating your lighting throughout the day!

But there’s more….


There’s a small module attachment, called the Rhythm module. This little device can transform your music into light for the light panels. Simply turn on the device and watch it move with the music.

Nanoleaf Light Panels are:

  • Trianglular Panels of light that can piece together however you wish
  • Easily be mounted on to any flat surface using the mounting tape
  • Fully customizable with the use of the companion app: set schedules, download scenes
  • Activate with the use of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • If you don’t have a smart system, it can be toggled using a button on the controller
  • With the use of the Rhythm module, immerse yourself in a symphony of light!


To purchase your own Nanoleaf + Rhythm module please click here! They can also be purchased without the Rhythm kit, to do so, please click here!

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Listen to the guys chatting about this here! (Link LIVE from May 31st)