Treetop Crazy Rider

TreeTop Crazy Rider

This is the TreeTops Crazy Rider.. The worlds longest rollercoaster zip line. Tag a mate who would ride this!! Music Credit: Biggie South Beats – Summer Breeze

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

TreeTop Crazy Rider is based in Australia and designed as an extraordinary way to experience the Australian Bush! It is in fact the worlds longest and a Australia’s first ‘rollercoaster’ zip line. Taking you on a route that throws you along the treetops at an exhilarating rate, that zig and zags, swoops, twists and turns. Taking you on a thrill and suspense of a rollercoaster whilst travelling along a zip line is accessible for all ages and abilities, so no need to worry, just go a long for the ride!


To go to Treetop Crazy Rider please click here!


UK’s HUGE Theme Park

The UK’s HUGE theme park which is £3.2 Billion development for a brownfield site on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, what’s currently an unused cement works will be transformed into a HUGE 872 acre park. That includes cinemas, restaurants, theatres, rollercoasters (of course) 3,500 hotel rooms, a development of the UK’s largest indoor water park and 14,000 parking spaces.

Tickets are estimated at a reasonable £57 and transport packages will be available as it’s next to Ebbsfleet international, which is 20mins away from St Pancras in London. London Resort Companies Holdings are behind the project and they were in partnership with Paramount, but now the deal is off the table but the development is still there to build rides based on Hollywood film franchises.

Building work (if the government approves plans which take 12-18months to approve) is planned to be undertook between 2019-2022 with doors opening in 2023.