2000 VS 2020

So 2020 is right around the corner, which is a whole 20 years ago! So our friends over at OnePlus decided to compare what we did with technology to what we do currently and beyond. It’s quite eye opening to see how far we’ve come since the year 2000 and the Millenium Bug. Who remembers THAT! How scared were we? For nothing! Anyhow, without further adieu check out below how far we’ve come!

2020 vs 2000 – In 2000 we:

  1. Played snake….in 2020 we play the piano on the OnePlus 7T Pro
  2. Blackberry messaged….in 2020 we say what’s up on Whatsapp
  3. Called a premium rate number to get a ringtone such as Ms. Jackson, in 2020 our phone is on perma-mute
  4. An sms costs around 12p….in 2020 the only people who send sms are Dominos (but who can resist 50% off?)
  5. Our mobile phone batteries lasted around three days….in 2020, we’re shouting across the office “who’s got a charger I can borrow?”
  6. The o2 was called the Millenium Dome and o2 was called BT Cellnet…and in 2020 the Millennium Dome & BT Cellnet are both called o2 – Orange is now EE and One2One is now T-Mobile
  7. We had to use a digital camera to take a phone, as camera phones didn’t exist… in 2020 digital what! Camera phone cameras are so advanced, there’s no need for a traditional camera of a lower res
  8. Apps meant a uni or job application… in 2020 the app market is worth an estimated $71.3 billion
  9. We used to upload our holiday photos from a digital camera into Facebook albums…nowadays we let everyone know we’re on holiday by posting our hotdog legs and pina colada on Instagram
  10. We walked around with a mobile phone and a Diskman…we currently stream til’ our heart’s content on a smartphone

Credit: OnePlus

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