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Check out the 4 Fun Apps For March 2018

4 Fun Apps For March 2018

Another month and we have another set of apps for you to check out. Here we have 4 fun apps for march 2018!

Hero Hunters


This is a HUGE RPG shooting game on mobile devices for free! It’s a lot of fun and you are sent into battle with an army of your choice of heroes. You’re able to be equipped with a bunch of guns, sniper rifles, swords and a whole lot of crazy weapons. The Energy Cannon for one!

Alongside the massive multiplayer battle games, take on the campaign mode and battle against Kurtz’s army. You can join alliance or play alongside a buddy in co-op missions. Take on daily events to get extra bonuses, play the ever crazy gauntlet mode or kill a LOT of hours with Multiplayer boss raids!

To download this game please click here Apple / Android

Goat Simulator

This game is hilarious!

Goat Simulator is basically that, a simulator in which you take on the life of a goat.

The aim of the game is all about causing as much damage as possible. It plays a lot like an old school skating game. But you destroy stuff. It’s crazy. Wacky. Hilarous. Stupid and a LOT of fun! There is nothing you cannot do. Play it and find out!


To download this game please click here Apple / Android

Star Wars Force Arena

Star Wars Force Arena is a multiplayer battle that requires a lot of strategy based gaming to fight your way to a win!

Battle teams in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 style matches. Select a squad of your Star Wars team and send them into battle, selecting a range of add on cards to help increase your chances of survival and the goal of destroying the opponents shield generator.


To download this game please click here Apple / Android

Snake 97

Snake97. This is a remake of the original snake on the Nokia’s back in the day. There is no up to date graphics or change of features. Snake97 is the same game that you know and loved back when you were younger. Be prepared to kill a lot of hours on this game!

To download this game please click here Apple / Android






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