Episode 341 Kofi Kingston (BONUS)



Ortis Deley returned to the show recently and came by to chat to Marcus about all things tech and gadgets! However, Ortis wanted to discuss his brand new documentary that is coming out very very soon! It’s called SoleSeekers and focuses on all things UK sneaker based culture!

Ortis is helping his friend Emil, who has written, produced and directed the UK’s first ever feature length documentary on the UK Trainer scene. They grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and trainers played a special part in their lives growing up. Sneakers then have a special place in their childhood and conseuqently thier teenage years. Bringing with them nostalgia, history and passion!

Emil in his research found out that some of those who were once passionate sneaker lovers grew out of it. He certainly didn’t and decided to make the SoleSeekers film. The more he researched about the UK sneaker scene, the more he realised that there were more people just like him. Just as passionate and just as devoted to their sneakers!

When it started

Emil Started the project 4 years ago, out of the passion for the culture, he noticed a gap in the market and an opportunity to share with the world his love for sneakers and consequently the UK’s love of sneakers. It wasn’t as readily available as it is now and he feels as though it’s the right time to document the history of the scene! Trainers are an £8B industry here in the UK and he wants to share this with the world with the help of you!

Help the guys make the film get made by donating to their Indiegogo campaign! Simply click here to get involved!

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Episode 244 – Are you Shure?

Apple Sneakers

Apple don’t make just great computers, in fact in the 80’s and 90’s Apple had a swipe at the fashion industry! Yes you heard me correctly, the fashion industry!

Heritage Auction House are planning to put up a pair of Sneakers made by Apple, which according to them are from the early 1990’s and according to the Verge will go up for auction on June 11th. The sneakers were made for thier employees exclusively and featured the iconic rainbow Apple logo. The sneakers sell for around $15K and Heritage are estimating their value is more towards the $30K value.

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