Episode 344 Punching Michael B Jordan w/Rory Reid

Episode 343 ‘ussy with Dev


Lately Dev’s been learning Spanish and he’s been using an app called Duolingo!

You may have heard of it as it’s a famous language learning app that’s been around for some time now. It gets a lot of good reviews and for good reasoning too! Dev’s been praising it as it teaches you in a very good manner. Such as using short phrases and teaching you as if you were a child learning your language for the first time. Furthermore pairing up words to pictures too helps him and the user remember phrases and words!

You can learn Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese even Klingon! There’s loads of languages you can learn on Duolingo! Duolingo is an app which makes learning a language, fun, quick and very enjoyable!

Plus even better the app is free! (It is supported by ads, though you can pay for a premium version. As this will give you unlimited lives. If you get a question wrong you lose a life. Lose 5 lives and you have to wait 4 hrs to get a new set of lives or retake old lessons to gain yourself a life at a time. Furthermore it’ll take away those ads!)

How to learn

As stated earlier, Duolingo makes learning fun by pairing up words to the translated word or pictures to words. You could build up your vocabulary with one lesson a day! 34 hours of lessons is the equivalent to a semester of study at University level. Therefore if you stuck at it for sometime you could learn Spanish and cover enough words to go on holiday and speak Spanish in just a few weeks! The lessons aren’t that long either, lasting 5mins at a time, so you can learn for as long or as short as you like!

Other languages that are available are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Russian and many many more!

Download Duolingo here: Apple / Android

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