Legendary Guy’s Night Ideas You Need

A night with the guys. It’s a night for fun, laughing, banter, and drinks, and it has to be one that everyone can remember. It doesn’t have to be a bachelor’s night out for single guys in your circle. You can invite all the guys and have a night to remember – no limits!


Men need a way to blow off some steam. So, whether one of you buys one of the many used Aston Martin cars for sale from Dick Lovett and pulls up ready for a road trip, or you simply need a day out at the golf to unwind and bond, we’ve got some legendary ideas that should make the cut. You need to go and have fun every now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the best guys’ night out ideas around.


At The Grill

You do not have to jaunt up and down the country to get a good night in with your friends. The summer looms ahead, so why not coordinate when everyone is free and book a date in the calendar so that you can come together and grill? A few steaks, cold beers, and damn tasty side dishes already make for a great night. Throw in a darts board, and you have a competition going!

Poker Night

We’ve picked poker specifically based on the fact that the game isn’t hard to learn, and you can play for dares or bets if you don’t want to play for cash. Put a ceiling on your buy-in, and you can all have a good time without going bankrupt. It’s a great way to test each other and challenge one another to win, and you also get the chance to win some cash! You can swap houses for hosting, and then when you get good at the game, hit up a casino and enjoy what they have to offer with much a bigger prize.

Movie Night – With A Twist!

Instead of heading to the movie theater and not talking to each other, why not put your own cinematic experience in the backyard? You can add a large white sheet and get a movie projector to project the latest and greatest action movies. Bring snacks and drinks, and get comfortable. There are so many options for movie night that you are spoilt for choice.

Sports Games

Are you basketball fans? Is there enough of you to be able to play football? Get a team together and add sports games to grill night. You can run up a little healthy competition and get together to trash talk the action one on one.

Road Trip

The ultimate guys’ night idea is the beginning of a road trip. Pick a night you can all leave and throw a dart at a map to hit the city you want to get to. This type of trip can be life-changing for you and your friends, and if you’ve already got the Aston Martin, you can travel in style!


Boondoo Mount

Mate X x Boondoo

What Happens when you cross an off Road X ebike and an Boondoo? You get this! More via the commentes below!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 28 August 2019

We have recently been given the Boondoo action camera mount on the Mate X electric bike and it was fantastic! If you are an extreme sports fan and like to get out on your bike for example, in the woods or in the streets and want to capture every moment. The Boondoo action camera mount should definitely be installed on your kit!
It has a whole array of functions to help you capture your best moments. Such as various degrees of tilt and pan movements. Which are easily adjustable too, no tools required!


Boondoo has a super easy snap lock system that will help you adjust the angle, without even stopping or slowing down! To pan simply lift the mount with one hand, dislocating the locking gears. Twist the mount to find your new angle, drop it to snap back in place. Easy!







Boondoo has a cool tattleproof tilt, which allows you to also find the angle and not have to stop. Simply press the gear-lock button to release the tilt lock, tilt the camera and release! Dotted markers are on the mount to help you pick which angle your in.



Boondoo can be used with GoPro cameras, or any action camera that uses a GoPro mount or adaptor.

Tech Specs


  • Dimensions: 3.6″ x 1.7″ x 1.0″ (92mm x 44mm x 25mm)
  • Weight: 2.9oz (82g)
  • Materials: Aluminium, Nylon and Stainless Steel
  • Pan Angle Stops: 8 angles – 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360 (0)
  • Tilt Angle Stops: 7 angles – 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180
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Making Your Daily Commute More Enjoyable

For many of us, driving to the city for work is one of the most daunting tasks, still it is necessary. You might feel like you are losing an hour or two every day being stuck in traffic, and you will never get that time back. There are, however, some great creative ways you can improve your experience and make the most out of your time behind the wheel. Find out more about them below.

Driving Cars HTKAH


Car Share

You might sign up for carpooling or car sharing scheme at work, or find someone you can share a ride with online. You can find apps that will help you find a car share in your region, so you never have to spend time alone dealing with the stress and anxiety caused by the traffic around you. Another person – and even small talk – can take your mind off being stuck in a traffic jam, and you will arrive more relaxed to work.


If your car technology needs updating, you might want to visit one of the dealerships and search for a vehicle that allows you to stream your content to the audio system, so you can make the most out of your time listening to podcasts or learning new skills. Talk to an expert at the Crystal Motor Company about the most suitable city models with advanced Bluetooth and navigation.   

Music Collections


If you simply want to feel more relaxed and comfortable while behind the wheel driving to work, and you often get frustrated by the amount of advertising on radio, you can also create your own music collection or playlist for the journeys. This will only take a maximum an hour, and you will be able to choose what to listen to every morning, depending on your mood.

Audio Conferencing

To improve your personal productivity, you might choose to catch up with your team and your employees while driving. While video conferencing is not advised, as you will need to keep your eyes on the road ahead, there is no reason why you should not jump on a call and discuss your plans for the day, so by the time you arrive at the office you can all be on the same page and get started with the work straight away. You just have to find the right car tech to accommodate this feature.

Record Your Ideas by Dictating to Your Phone

It is hard to keep your diary updated while you are driving, and some people will say that your best ideas are born when you simply cannot write them down. If you have a hands-free feature and an advanced microphone in your car, you can record your best ideas and even your to-do list, so you can write them down and remember them later.


Daily commutes might seem like a waste of time and fuel, but you can find some great ways to improve your experience and make your journey more enjoyable and more productive, too.


Fifa How To Kill An Hour.jpg

Is FIFA The Greatest Sports Video Game Ever Made?

Fifa How To Kill An Hour.jpg

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or two, you can’t have failed to notice the domination of the FIFA franchise when it comes to soccer video games. From the lowly Nintendo 64 all the way up to the exquisite Xbox with its online gaming, FIFA has been the stalwart of sports gameplay. But is it the best ever? There have been plenty of games that have emerged in the meantime, with basketball, ice hockey, the Olympics, and tennis all making a play for the best sports video game. Even Mario has tried to muscle in on the sports video game action. So which is the best? Let’s take a look.



The FIFA video games are epic. Every year the new season is released, players choose to camp outside stores to be the first to experience the enhanced ball control, less clunky graphics and momentous gameplay. With the recent explosion of online gameplay, the game has taken on a whole new dimension. While watching the replays of Ronaldinho’s free kicks was the highlight of FIFA 07, now you can click here to purchase FIFA coins, play against individuals from across the globe, and even manage your favorite teams, heading to the transfer market and perfecting your dream team. You can play in a league, you can venture to the World Cup or you can just have a kickabout. An awesome game!


NBA Street

For the ultimate in fun gameplay, NBA Street takes some beating. With quirky characters, a cartoon style graphic and smooth gameplay, the flexibility of this basketball game meant that you really had to learn the expert moves to get your slam dunks flowing. Three pointers were hard to come by, but if you managed to unlock Stretch, your team would be enhanced to the point where his afro could boost the morale of your team. The moves were cool, the soundtrack was epic, and you would spend your youth trying to perfect the dribble techniques in your back garden. This is an experience for those who yearn for a simpler and more straightforward fun sort of game.


SSX Tricky

Snowboarding had never been so cool in 2001. The winter sport phenomenon was just taking off, and salopettes were being replaced with cooler winter gear. SSX Tricky allowed you to choose your character and embark on a race or a simple trick practice course. Accruing points gave you the gameplay buzz you needed with jumps, flips and spins creating epic moves on the powder. If you enjoy bright graphics, and a simple formula for fun, SSX Tricky was your sort of game.


Punch Out

No sports game list would be complete without a clunky classic from Nintendo. This boxing game was ridiculously simple and a bit of a free for all hitting the A button on your NES control pad as fast as you could, but it was great family fun. The Indian boxer had a tiger as a coach, so the game wasn’t hugely politically correct. But it was of its time and a huge forerunner to the boxing games of the twenty first century.

FIFA probably has the edge over its rivals, purely for longevity if nothing else, but there are plenty of epic sports video games worthy of a replay.