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Love Comedy? Well you will love the streaming service ‘NextUp’ it’s a video on demand platform for stand ups. More specifically stand up specials. NextUp showcases all different kinds of stand ups. Be that your sketch comedian, character driven stand ups, to observationalists and many many more! It’s basically as Engadget coined it ‘The Netflix of UK Stand Up’ Therefore, as you’d expect, like Netflix you can stream content from NextUp from anywhere in the world. The content isn’t region locked to the UK. Comedy’s universal and meant for everyone!


The acts and subsequently content available to you isn’t strictly just for the household names. NextUp also is home to many up and comers, rising starts too! That’s not to say that the circuit legends are left out. Of course not! They’re still available for users to check out. Some of the acts available are:

Rising Stars such as

One of the best things about NextUp for comedians is that they get a 50/50 revenue share form their content being on the platform. Which is especially good for the rising stars of the comedy circuit. Futhermore NextUp members get access to recording tickets and exclusive discounts to shows! If you’re an up and coming comedian interested in appearing on their platform you can apply on their site by clicking here! How cool is that?!

History of NextUp

So why create something like NextUp? Well there are a number of reasons the team (Daniel Berg, Kenny Cavey, Sarah Henley and Stuart Snaith) decided to create the platform. Such as show goers cannot attend their favourite comedian’s shows due to it’s date, location, ticket availability and or cost. On the comedian’s point of view, after touring their show they have no archive of it. They can’t go back and critique it or show it off to anyone other than those who attend their tour dates. Furthermore the team wanted to show off more than what the Tv does. Consequently they wished to show off an even more diverse reflection of what the comedy circuit is like.

NextUp describes itself as to:

Seeks to right these wrongs by carefully curating for your joyful discovery the breadth of great comedy the industry has to offer, and bringing it to you anytime, anywhere whilst supporting the comedy industry in as many ways as possible.


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