Vari: Standing solution for all!

So what is a Vari. First of all, Standing desks are all the rage at the moment, why shouldn’t they be?! Since, standing desks are said to improve your health and your posture. So, why wouldn’t you be thrilled about that!? However, we all don’t like building furniture, it takes too long. You get injured and there’s lots of swearing involved. So, wouldn’t it be great if someone invented an alternative to the ‘standing desk’ Someone has and it’s called the Vari and you’re going to love it! How do we know? We got our hands on one!


The Vari is a standing desk solution and can be applied to almost any desk. No, we’re not asking you to take apart your desk, we’re asking you to add stuff to it. Since there is no assembly required either, it’s perfect for everyone!

Their design takes you from sitting to standing in 3 seconds! The Vari comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit your personal desk, suited perfectly to your workspace.

The Vari is designed to have two tiers to allow for a spacious upper display area for a laptop or monitor or dual monitor setup. The lower level is for keyboards, mouse and more. Simply take out the Vari and place it on your desk. Job done. No hassle. No crying, to sore thumbs. Just health! Also, when you want to sit back down, simply adjust it using the spring loaded mechanism and dual handle design and lower. To go back to standing, simply lift the handles after adjusting the springs. There are a total of 11 different height settings. So, you wont need a stool to see what your typing.

Consequently, to purchase the amazing standing desk solution Vari please click here!

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