Persona 5 Royal: Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats

Persona 5 Royal – Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats!

Just got Persona 5 Royal and need to boost your stats? Watch on to find out our Top 5 tips to help get Joker to the best he can be!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Persona 5 Royal is a brand new RPG experience that’s based around the Persona! series. You take the form of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. It is your task to break free from the chains of modern society, stage grand heists and infiltrate the minds of the corrupt. Therefore it is up to you to make them change their ways for the good! to do just that:

Persona 5 is packed with new characters, confidants, an incredible story and new locations to explore. What we especially liked was the new grappling hook mechanic for a stealthy way to get around

Persona 5

Here are the top 5 ways to build your character, in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is arguably the most stylist JRPG with a fur base battle system that has, which has come out in a long long time, and as you can see by the metacritic score it is one of the top 5 jrpg’s ever released.

Persona comes from the shin megami tensei series and what makes persona 5 royal so slick and amazing is, it’s not like other RPGS, in most RPGs you only get character stats once you’re in a battle mode. But Persona 5 royal, NO! It likes to give you stats no matter what you’re doing, in your day. So we wanted to look at the top 5 stats ways you can build your character stats, while you’re killing time in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Top Tips #1 – Eating and Drinking

Tokyo is well known for its food, everything from Raymen, Katsu Curry to a simple Beef bowl and Persona 5 royal is no exception.

One of my favourite ways to stat build in person is eating and evening prepping food. Anything from being in the coffee shop brewing some of that famous coffee, and getting those major SP points that you need for battles. Upping your guts skills eating steak while you study in the dinner. But my favourite food stat  has to be Big Bang Burger. Persona 5 Royals, fast food chain. At big Bang Burger. You can order a take away, but you can also do the challenge and the challenge is what does it for me, because basically you get to eat a giant burger, which looks hilarious but you also get to increase 3 of your stats. Proficiency, Guts and Knowledge. But this isn’t an easy ride, you have to your stats on lock to finish it.

Persona 5 Top Tips #2 Kitchijoji

P5 Royal has introduced a Whole new area in the game called Kitchijoji, now this has lots of new things you can do, which is super dope, we’re talking, a clothing store, food vendors. Shops and even a temple, where you can buff your SP Points.

But my favourite new addition by far is the Penguin Sniper! Now the Penguin Sniper is a America style pool bar where you can do various activities, now my favourite activity to do at this bar is to play darts. Yes you can call your whole clique and play some darts. You do this by using your Dualshock controller like a PS Move Motion controller, and basically you direct it and give it a flick of the wrist to shoot your dart.

The aim of the game is by hitting your darts you must reduce your points from 301 to exactly 0 points, so you can’t just spam bullseye, move around and count down from 301.

Now this really dope, I spent hours just playing and getting lost in this. And you get to Increase your batten pass stats in battle mode, which is super useful when your in palaces and momentous. This is one of my favourites.

Persona 5 Top Tips #3 – Playing Pool 

Now another activity you can do at the penguin sniper is play billiards or pool to you and me.

Yes you can play pool, with your confidants. Now this is another really cool activities. Now I’m Persona 5 Royal you can chill with your confidants in the evening and pool is something I’d recommend you do to build up your stats and your relationship bonus, so you’re stronger when you fight together


Persona 5 Top Tips #4 – Dating 

There’s array of fellow students you can date and get to know from class honor student, who are all about the books. Although your a teenager you can date adults.  Becky your class teacher who’s moon lighting in a Japanese maid services, new girl, Kashmui, a feisty gymnast. You can get to know the local doctor. Who’s has a rock chick vibe and fludes you with medication.

So many amazing characters to connect with and find yourself very own wifey.


Persona 5 Top Tips #5 – Thieves Den 

Thieves den cool little metaverse den for the Phantom thieves to flex, you can spend you den points to buy statues of your favourite characters personas, new character Jose keep you updated with everything you needs, there’s an excuse gallery, to purchase artwork, dope movie theatre to watch your favourite Anime cutscenes. Music and lastly a cool card game.




Written and reviewed by Mr Midas

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