Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor: A stealth Horror

Hello Neighbor

Thanks to the guys over at Tiny Build we were able to check out Hello Neighbor (Steam)!

What is ‘Hello Neighbor’ I hear you ask? Well it’s not a game that requires you to knock on all of your neighbors homes and introduce yourself. Nor is it a knock down ginger game.

It’s a game all about mystery. A mystery of your creepy neighbor.

You play as a young boy, playing with his ball in the street, when all of a sudden he hears a strange noise coming from his creepy neighbors home. It turns out that he’s hiding something in his basement. This intrigues you and you want to find out exactly what he’s hiding in there!

This is where you, the player, come in. It’s down to you to use your wit and problem solving abilities to maneuver yourself to discovering what is unknown.

Hello Neighbor: AI Intelligence

However, you always have to come up with new ways to get into the house and away from the creepy neighbor. The neighbor may be creepy but he is highly intelligent! If you get caught trying a potential solution one way, you’re unlikely to be able to do the same again! He remembers where you went and how you did it, so may lay down traps for you!

This adds an element of replayability as it makes you think about what you’re going to next. Therefore making the game not as linear as others as our game may not be the same as yours! He will learn and he will adapt, so it’s down to you to be one step ahead of the creepy neighbor each and every time!

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