Twitter Watch Party

Twitter Watch Party with Universal!

Lockdown has brought some amazing things around the world and companies are finding unique ways to get content into the eyes of people everywhere. So there’s a brand new initiative coined Twitter Watch Party!

To entertain and bring audiences together Universal have organised weekly watch parties for some of their most unique films. So, every Saturday starting May 16th, audiences can watch a Universal Pictures film along with special guests and hosts for fans all around the globe! Allowing fans to share reactions and discuss their favourite scenes together on Twitter!

Joining in is super easy, simply follow the hosts on Twitter. While others may buy or rent the weekend’s movie at any retailer and press play at exactly 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST! Follow the films designated hashtag to get involved with the discussion! How cool is that!?!

Twitter Watch Party Schedule:

The May schedule is below with additional watch parties and special guests announcing soon:

Twitter Watch Party May 16th – Halloween hosted by Blumhouse with Director David Gordon Green, Jamie Lee Curtis and special guests

No one does horror quite like Blumhouse and Michael Myers. Join the production company that specializes in horror as they watch the return of Halloween alongside the film’s director David Gordon Green and special guests including: John Carpenter, Jason Blum, Judy Greer, James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. Halloween is presented by Universal Pictures, Miramax, Blumhouse Productions and Trancas International Films. #HalloweenAtHome

Twitter Watch Party May 23rd – Apollo 13 hosted by former NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

A look at space with someone who has actually been! Join retired NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, a veteran of four different space flights, as he watches his predecessors try to return back to Earth. Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) fight a desperate battle to survive. Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken Mattingly (Gary Sinise), flight director Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) and a heroic ground crew race against time – and the odds – to bring them home. #Apollo13AtHome

Twitter Watch Party May 30th – The Breakfast Club hosted by Nerdist

Please report for Saturday detention at the library! Join Nerdist as they revisit the misfits of the John Hughes 80’s classic The Breakfast Club. They were five students with nothing in common, faced with spending a Saturday detention together in their high school library. At 7 a.m., they had nothing to say, but by 4 p.m. they had bared their souls to each other and become good friends. To the outside world they were simply the Jock, the Brain, the Criminal, the Princess and the Kook, but to each other, they would always be The Breakfast Club. #BreakfastClubAtHome

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Expensive Movie Rentals?!

It seems like there’s going to be a reduction from the time a movie is at the cinema to when it’s in your home….Warner Bros would be cool with people renting a movie 2 weeks after cinematic release as long as they pay a $50 fee. Fox are offering a 30-40 day turn around with a $30 price tag. Universal doesn’t have a price but has suggested 20 days before available to rent at home.

Variety reports that due to anti-trust laws, each studio has to come to an agreement with each theatre chain individually. Who are scared that people won’t come to the cinema if this happens, the demand is that the 90 day gap between cinema release and debut on Blu Ray stays as is for at least 5 years.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget’s focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch … she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby’s father….

(IMDB Synopsis Credit)


In partnership with Universal and Bridget Jones’ Baby we spoke to James Preece about dating in the modern world, you can hear all about that here!

Real Life Super Mario World

An announcement has dropped that will give everyone who likes games a real excitement of what is to come from Universal Studios. There is going to be a “Super Nintendo World” – Yes you read that right, a “Super Nintendo World”

The featured image is some concept art of what the final design will look like when the park opens in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The press release states that the park will be:

“expansive and multilevel environments filled with unprecedented, state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.”

While it looks like you can walk around in a real Super Mario World, sorry, hop skip and jump, Nintendo’s very own Shigeru Miyamoto is apparently working with Universal to make the characters as accurate as possible.

Super Nintendo World is also set to drop in Universal Studios, Orlando and Hollywood.

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