Invisibility Maybe!

Credit: Telegraph

Credit: Telegraph

We’ve been getting closer and closer to real life invisibility cloaks for a while now, – but we’re not just quite Harry Potter – yet.

There has been an advancement in a special type of material from Iowa State University which guards whatever its placed on from Cameras – you’ll still be seen via the naked eye – even when watching a video feed – you’ll only be hidden from other machines or radar.  This type of tech could be used in a stealth fighter jet for example.

The University of California at Berkeley have developed another type of invisibility tech that reflects light to keep objects hidden.

This method uses special gold antennas to “reroute reflected light waves” so that the thing it covers was invisible when the material was turned on by switching the gold’s polarization.

For now it’s just working on a microscopic scale, measuring “barely” 80 nanometers thick and only large enough to cover a few biological cells.