Crime Fighting from a far!

This is what we like to see here at How To Kill An Hour, some really cool way to do the things that we wish we could do ten years ago.

Thanks to GPS Tracking and Remote locking a would be thief got a rude awakening (he stole the car and then slept in it)  when he stole a BMW 550i, which had been left in an underground car park with spare keys inside *facepalm* Seattle Police contacted BMW at their local head office and had it tracked, it is here where Seattle Police found the culprit asleep in the vehicle – had it remotely locked and then woke him up.

They then blocked him in so he couldn’t drive off (he tried to) and arrested him.

Hooray for technology! Just hopefully the owner remembers to not put spare keys to his car, in his car.

Listen to the guys chatting about this here!