Facebook Copies SnapChat AGAIN

Facebook have a tendency to look at Snapchat for inspiration as shown by Mashable:

Mashable has confirmed Facebook have essentially copied Snapchat – AGAIN. They are rolling out a navigation bar for their new video feed for live video/video on demand for the pages that you follow.

This new video feed is accessed by clicking a play button at the bottom of the app which will be to the right of the news feed icon, which will bring up this new feed and this new navigation bar which looks just like Snapchat. But its not Snapchat. Ok.

Facebook confirmed to Mashable on Friday that this new Video tab has been rolling out ever so slowly since April but have increased efforts to get it in the faces of more of its users (Currently on in the US)

This new feed has a notifications panel which shows up videos that are currently live from the pages that you are following, yet if you scroll Facebook shows you some suggested videos that you may be interested in.

Again much like snapchat you exit a pages video by tapping or dragging down a button in the top left hand corner of the screen – and scroll left to right along the navigation bar, which has circles with your pages logo’s in them – sounds like Snapchat to you?

Mashable reported that Facebook have been testing ways to share photo’s which have filters on them.

A week earlier Mashable reported that they were testing a “Messenger Day” feature where you can add stickers to photo’s which expire within 24 hours.

Earlier this week too Mashable have reported that Facebook have been adding geofilters to photo’s which have frames around them.

Business Insider reported too that Facebook have been working with media partners to create a system similar to Snapchats Discover.

Do Facebook just want to become Facebook?

Listen to the guys talking about this on the show here!