Free WiFi Cleaning?!

Maybe you should read the T’s & C’s of Free WiFi, as recently 22,000 people are now legally bound to 1000hrs of community service. Which includes, but not limited to cleaning toilets at festivals, scraping gum off the street and “manually relieving sewer blockages” – Sounds horrifying!

Whether or not these people actually completed their smelly tasks is anyones guess but, Manchester based WiFi company ‘Purple’ slotted the cheeky terms into their T’s & C’s for 2 weeks to highlight the importance of T’s & C’s and raise the awareness that people should have when signing up to free wifi. They also offered a prize if you raised it to them and only 1 person highlighted the cleaning contract to them.

Not the first time this has happened, in 2014 Cybersecurity firm F-Secure done the same, but this time, free WiFi was in exchange of their first born.

While Terms and Conditions are legally considered contracts and binding, it is argued that the inability to negotiate such terms violates common law practices, thus leaving them void.

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