GameVice Fun!

Here at How To Kill An Hour we LOVE the GameVice gaming controller for iPhone 6! Just ask Funk Butcher! Some say he is still in the chair from 2 weeks ago and is STILL playing Final Fantasy 7! Gamevice is basically like your PS4 or Xbox One controller but for your iPhone or Idevice (Ipad Pro version coming soon!) It comes equipped with triggers, buttons and joysticks just like a home console controller! So no more greasy fingers on that nice retina screen of yours! Best of all it is completely lag free and connects simply via lightning, just plug and play! Download the GameVice Live app to see what games are compatible and away you go!

To hear more of our thoughts listen to EP 50 Leonardo-D*ck-Caprio or EP 52 Dildo Hoverboard!!!

Available now! (£79.95)

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