Google WorldSense

Google have recently announced a standalone Daydream VR headset that will utilise the Tango Augmented Reality system, the way it does this is not with cameras around the room like with a HTC Vive, a head on camera like the Playstation VR but with camera’s built into the headset itself.

Calling this tech ‘World Sense’ it allows users to walk around in AR/VR worlds without the fear of walking into walls or falling down the stairs.

“The idea is that you have everything you need for VR built right into the headset itself, there’s no cables, no phone and certainly no big PC. The whole device is designed just for VR……..World Sense enables what’s known as positional tracking and with it your view in the virtual world exactly matches your movement in the real world. It works by using a handful of sensors on the device that look out into your surroundings, and that means it works everywhere, there’s no set-up and no cameras to install.”  (Head of Google VR Clay Bavor)

It does support the Daydream controller but it won’t be visible in the VR world nor will it interact with things that are in the Virtual world like much of the other VR systems available today.