Solar Panel Road!

What Marcus has been saving for WEEKS has actually come true. (Who knew he’d be such a tastemaker for great tech!)

France has just launched it’s first solar panel road. French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal launched the road December last year in an attempt to increase the ways in which the country uses renewable energy and reduce it’s greenhouse gas emissions. The road took 5 years to develop and cost $5.2Million dollars. The road includes 30,000 square footage of solar panels which are coated with a clear silicon resin which is able to resist the impact of constant flow of traffic.

They won’t be rolled out across the country just yet as they are still incredibly expensive to manufacture in large quantities. France however have stated that if costs can be kept low and the efficiency of the panels up then they could install them across another 1,000 kilometers of its roads and then who knows what the future holds for their roads and beyond.

To listen to the guys talking about this please click here!