Texts, Emails, Voice Recordings could be used as Wills

Texts, Emails and Voicemails could soon be considered as a valid will by the courts after a radical overhaul of the inheritance laws, if approved by a judge.

Believing that the current laws around wills are outdated and need to be brought into the modern world as the previous laws are “Failing to protect the vulnerable” regarding conditions around older people who suffer from dementia.

The Law Commission (who oversee the laws) are well aware that this proposal may cause arguments, stating that the current rules are unclear and too formal, (40% of people die without making a will) the law would need to be softened to encourage others to make a will.

This would open the door for those who have not left a will, the family can apply to have the intentions that they expressed in a message, email or voice recording be recognised as a form of a last testament. Plus it would allow those who are unable to write a will, either by pen or digitally on a keyboard, will be able to leave one as a voice recording.

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