The Bragi Dash!

This past week we have tried a headphone that is truly revolutionary, we were excited to try our hands at these and these boys did not disappoint!

Heralded as the “world’s first hearable” the Bragi Dash helps you as you train, it’s like a ‘Personal Assistant in your ear’ it’s basically a super powerful computer built into a headphone, packed with tons of features such as 4gb flash storage, bluetooth technology and touch controls make it one of the most technologically advanced piece of tech we have ever tried on How To Kill An Hour!

That’s not all, with integrated gesture controls all you have to do to answer a call is nod your head or turn your head from side to side to reject a call! With a ton of activity trackers for the sporty people out there such as heart rate trackers, step counts, a calorie counter, a stopwatch and much more these little headphones have big pulling power!

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