We’re evolving!


Credit: http://vitaltechnologyservices.com/

Credit: http://vitaltechnologyservices.com/

We are going to be like Wolverine, sling webs like Spiderman, shoot lasers out your eyes like Cyclops?! No? We’re not? Am I getting ahead of myself? 

Well we actually are evolving but not as I’d like because…..

We drink Milk!! Historically we didn’t drink milk, gene inside us that regulated humans ability to digest milk shut down after we weaned off our mums tits.

After domesticating cows (I’d love to know who first milked a cow!) and milk became nutritious, people with the genetic mutation allowed them to digest lactose better, we were better able to propagate their genes. 

We’re losing our wisdom teeth! Our ancestors had huge jaws (and I assume great jawlines! the handsome devils!) Thus helping them chew a tough diet of wolves and cows and whatever animal that our cavemen brothers could hit around the head with a big stick. Anyway they tore apart these animals with their teeth, all of which led to worn down teeth that needed replacing. Enter the wisdom teeth: the evolutionary answer to accomodate our ancestors’ eating habits.

Nowadays we’re lazy and have utensils to cut our food. Our meals are softer and easier to chew, and our jaws are much smaller as a result, which is why wisdom teeth are often squeezed in like a last minute reminder. Like the appendix, wisdom teeth have become useless, who needs them? Get rid of them! 35% of our population is born without wisdom teeth (Me included!) and some say they will disappear altogether.

Our Brains Are Shrinking

Our brains have actually been shrinking over the last 30,000 years. The average volume of the human brain has decreased by the size of a tennis ball. This could  very well be because we’re dumb. According to history, brain size decreased as communities became larger and more complex, suggesting that the safety net of modern society didnt mean that we require that part of the brain to kill to eat, so the correlation between intelligence and survival has decreased. 

It’s not all bad as apparently smaller brains are more efficient and work faster but take up less room in that thick skull of ours. There’s also a heartwarming theory that smaller brains are an evolutionary advantage because they make us less not want to tear each other apart but rather allow us to work together. Awwwww